LED Lighting

LED Lighting: Worth the Upgrade?

Do LED lights provide more convenience than regular bulbs? 

LED lights are far more versatile than other lights in addition to being energy efficient as well as eco-friendly. LED lights can make a great difference in the appearance of a room making it feel brighter and more spacious. There are many options available in LED lighting such as tubes, strip lights, can lights and others. If you need professional lighting services Essex, we provide free consultations.

Here are a few reasons why it is worth upgrading to LED lighting in your home:

Long lasting 

Due to their design, LED lights operate at a much cooler temperature than traditional bulbs, which means they generally last 20 years or more before failing. This means you don’t have to replace them time and again. 

Energy saving 

In contrast to older lighting technologies, the ratio of heat to light output of LED lighting is much better, resulting in huge energy savings. 90% of the energy goes towards light and 5% towards heat. This feature is really valuable to reduce your electricity bills. 


LED light does not contain toxic materials and is recyclable. Thus, switching to LED lighting has a positive impact on the environment. 

Different light temperatures 

LED lights are available in a wide variety of light temperatures, so you can adjust the colour temperature to suit the atmosphere you desire. They can be blue, daylight, bright white or warm yellows, just like regular bulbs. 

Adjustable features 

LED lighting is also known for its adjustable features. These include, but at are not limited to, colour changing, dimming, fading effects and smart home control. People appreciate the ability to adjust the brightness and atmosphere of their room simply by pushing a button. 

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