Data Cabling – Should you install it in your home?

We live in a world where wireless technology has become increasingly popular. Nevertheless, data cabling in your home is still beneficial as it is often faster than a regular Wi-Fi connection. Unlike data cabling, Wi-Fi is prone to issues caused by things such as distance, walls, competing networks or interference. Data cabling is more reliable and nothing can obstruct its connectivity. Though it is not suitable for portable devices, for your stationary devices it is the best option. Many do not realise that data cabling, paired with the appropriate equipment, provides the best Wi-Fi network. If you would like Data Cabling installed in your home, we provide Data Cabling in Essex.

However, if you are still on the fence, here are just some of the reasons why we think you should consider installing Data Cabling in your home: 

More reliable connection

Unlike cabled internet, Wi-Fi quality is effected by appliances that emit radio waves. This interference can also mean lower signal quality, which results in lower connection speeds.

Improved internet speed 

Cabled internet is almost always faster than a Wi-Fi connection as you are connected through a physical wire which is only limited by the length of the cable, not by interference and obstructions as Wi-Fi is.

Improved Wi-Fi coverage 

Data cabling in your home will dramatically improve your Wi-Fi coverage. You can have Wireless Access Points (WAP) installed to the areas where the Wi-Fi connection is poor to improve the coverage and speed of your internet experience. 

Enhanced security

Data cabling provides more security as you are not broadcasting data over a wireless signal and if anyone wants to intercept your LAN, they would have to be directly connected to a wire. 

Network rack in use with lots of cables
One of our network racks showing terminated data cabling being used for Wi-fi Access Points and CCTV (Private Video Production Studio)

Data cabling Essex has other benefits 

Home data cabling can be beneficial for other systems such as CCTV cameras, telephone sockets, HDMI distribution systems, video systems and more. Twisted paired data cabling has countless benefits. 

If you want to have Data Cabling installed in your home, ideally you should hire a reliable and proficient professional to avoid any problems afterwards. We provide data cabling in Essex, and can provide free consultations for your home or business. All our cabling is fully tested, and our team have over 30 years experience.