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Outside Junction Box Full of Water?!

We were called out to this electrical horror recently; a client whose outdoor light had stopped working.
This external junction box was floating in the air and water had filled the inside through the cable entry holes.
Lack of RCD protection on the lighting circuit meant the circuit was still live.









To remedy the situation we drained the water out and replaced all the connectors inside the junction box. We also strongly recommended to replace the outside light as it had deteriorated. It’s nice to leave an installation in a better state than you found it, so we made sure to mount the junction box on the wall and installed correct cable glands to prevent water from entering.

How to wire a UK Plug

How to wire a UK Plug

Have you ever wanted to know what’s inside one of those plugs you use every day? Whether you need to do an emergency repair on your appliance, or just want to know how a UK plug actually works, this tutorial will help. WARNING: The UK mains electricity supply is normally about 230V AC and can easily kill… Continue Reading