Why the name – Chilli Electrical?

We spent a few weeks of brainstorming ideas for a new company name, but none particularly stood out. We wanted a name that was shocking enough that people would be surprised, but most importantly it had to be memorable, and immediately recognizable. After noticing a similar concept, a company using ‘Mustard’ in their company name, we decided food was the way to go, and within minutes Chilli was decided.


Being of Spanish origin, Ramon has a natural love for Chillies which obviously inspired the unconventional business name. His upbringing in Spain and more recent travels have also exposed him to different electrical installation concepts and ideas, so he is always willing to try something new.

Ramon is the director of Chilli Electrical. He trained for several years with an electrician carrying out re-wires, kitchen refurbishments and domestic electrical work in the UK. Since becoming qualified himself, he has been successfully carrying out domestic and light commercial electrical work for the last 4 years+, taking on small and large projects.


Being the son of Ramon, he shares the same love and passion for electrics and technology, but not so much passion for Chillies. Oliver also loves a challenge and is especially proficient in home automation, networks and similar gadgetry. Having worked for Ramon for the last 4 years, and also completing 2 years Level 3 Electrical at college, he has a very good knowledge of electrical systems in the UK.